National Space Society  holds ‘A Day in Space’ event virtually

On July 16, the National Space Society (NSS) held ‘A Day in Space’ event virtually on several platforms. The occasion featured Apollo 11 Space Explorer Buzz Aldrin and exoplanet scientist  Sara Seager as the chief guests. 

To watch how the event took place, you can visit ‘A Day in Space event page’ and tap on the viewing option of your choice. One can as well stream the even on e360tv network, and not forgetting, YouTube channel of 

The concert commenced at 11.a.m EDT (1500 GMT). The important topics discussed included: the 50th Celebrations of NASA’s Apollo operation, which places astronauts on moon’s surface from the year 1969 to 1972, New Horizons operations to Pluto and other extraterrestrial planets, and lastly, Mariner 4 Mars operation that made scientists believe that Mars has no history of having water on its surface.  They also discussed space ventures such as space science and medicine, space development, and inclusion.  

In the event, they showcased how Space Age has developed into where it is now. They discussed traditional and modern space exploration, success experienced by Space entities, and exploration of terrestrial planets, just to mention a few. 

The full schedule used during the event included;

 1. Buzz Aldrin

Adrian is a retired NASA space explorer known for being moon module pilot on Apollo 11, and the second person to step his foot on the surface of the moon. He is an author who has written many books concerning his adventures, and he is an active participant of public occasions, despite him being 90 years old. 

2. Sara Seager

She is an astrophysicist and planetary explorer working at Massachusetts Technical. Some of the operations carried out by Seager include; performing duties as an assistant director at MIT-led Transitioning Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). 

The main aim of ‘A Day in Space’ is to convey its message far beyond the traditional  partisans sector and call upon people to join the field of space. All one requires is to be compassionate with space exploration and scientific researches. 

Large numbers of people were said to have joined the virtual occasion where majorities tune into the seven-hour webcast. There were breaks in between the opportunity to allow the audience to sip a glass of water. 

Another main agenda discussed in that event was to take the NSS onto another level of associating with the media and reaching out to large numbers of people. Those intending to know what space exploration is all about are all welcomed. The doors are still open for them to enter into such inspiring opportunities. 

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