Ear Tube Devices Market Sluggish Growth Rate Foreseen by 2018-2028

Global Ear Tube Devices Market: Overview

The field of otology has undergone several advancements over the past decade. Studies related to the eustachian tube have fetched key insights for medical professionals and doctors. Moreover, otology is a subset of the comprehensive field of ENT, and this has popularised treatments related to the ears. Treatment of ear infections, in most cases, requires penetration into the eardrum brain. This factor has played an integral role in the growth of the global ear tube devices market. The growing number of ENT clinics has also emerged as a defining dynamic of market growth.

Doctors and medical professionals are increasingly concerned about the negative impacts of air pollution on human health. This has led the healthcare fraternity to ready itself for unanticipated intricacies while dealing with medical cases. Hence, ear tubes devices are extensively inducted across ear clinics and healthcare facilities. Furthermore, the importance of detailed analysis and visual scrutiny while inspecting ear diseases has also driven market demand. Advancements in surgical procedures have generated greater confidence in technologies such as ear tube devices.

A report preview on the global ear tube device market makes notable assertions and projections related to market growth. The global ear tube devices market can be segmented on the basis of the following parameters: material type and region. The demand for silicon tubes is expected to rise in the years to come. Changes in product specifications by medical device inspection bodies is behind increased demand for these tubes.

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Global Ear Tube Devices Market: Notable Developments

As healthcare manufacturers focus on following the best practices for research and development, the global ear tube devices market is slated to undergo key developments.

  • Competition from new entrants is a trend gathering momentum across the global ear tube devices market. A team of researchers from Harvard, in collaboration with renowned doctors, floated a medical device start-up called PionEar. The primary aim of the start-up is to develop ear tubes that show great promise in treating infections of the ear. The researchers utilized the pain points associated with other medical devices that were believed to cause other complications in the ear.
  • Several research studies have pointed toward the need for addressing potential hearing loss in children and adults. This factor, coupled with the demand for ear tubes coming from the geriatric population, has driven market demand.

Some of the leading vendors in the global ear tubes devices market are:

  • Adept Ltd.
  • Exmoor Plastics Ltd.
  • Atos Medical AB
  • Innovia Medical Inc.
  • Olympus Corp.
  • Medtronic Plc

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Global Ear Tube Devices Market: Growth Drivers

  • Approvals and Certifications

Several nations have become serious about funding research bodies and organisations that inspect, approve, and certify medical devices. Ear tube devices receive extra attention from these bodies, majorly due to the intricacies involved in ear surgeries. This factor has played an integral role in the growth of the global ear tube devices market.

  • Changes in Healthcare Outlay

The healthcare industry has been inducting new procedures and processes for improved results. This has increased the total spending on procuring medical devices and equipment. Moreover, the need for better connectivity across the various verticals of healthcare has also paved way for new practices within healthcare. Hence, the global ear tube devices market is poised to grow at a sturdy rate in the years to follow.

The global ear tube devices market is segmented on the basis of:


  • Fluoroplastic tube
  • Silicon tube
  • Metal tube
  • Others