Govt Should step in to Promote service providers: Aviation Union HS Puri

To promote service suppliers, the government should step in in a deregulated market environment, Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Thursday.

“In a deregulated environment the government should step in to promote the support suppliers to rationalise this,” Puri said in the curtain raiser event for the upcoming aviation exhibition WINGS India 2020 to be held in Hyderabad.

“It isn’t the government’s occupation but it’s in everyone’s interest that we do not have a circumstance where we resort to practices that are limited or demand predatory pricing leading to overall undermining of this industry,” he added.

Speaking of privatisation from the civil aviation business, the ministry said it will aid in strengthening and enlarging the industry.

“This business provides opportunities for not only players inside the country but out. We’re now in the process of a privatisation programme for our flight carriers.

“Privatisation will fortify the aviation industry and will lead in its own growth both at the short and medium term. By 2029-30 we ought to be a USD 10 trillion market and the third biggest in the entire world,” Puri said.

WINGS India 2020 will be held in Hyderabad in March this year.

Addressing a gathering of officials in the aviation industry, the minister stated that despite turbulence in the business, it recorded a rise of 11. 03 percent according to November 2019 data.

“We represent the next biggest national civil aviation market in the world. As a market that’s 2. 89trillion US dollar powerful, and that is transiting towards USD 5 trillion market by 2024, we’re facing a penetration in civil action as few as 7-8 percent,” he explained.

“Inspite of this turbulence within this sector, especially characterised by the secession of performance of a single air carrier involving December 2018 and April 2019, the industry has registered a rise of 11. 03 percent according to November 2019 figures,” he added.

Showing confidence in the growth of the Indira Gandhi International Airport from the federal capital, the ministry stated the passenger traffic increases manifold and may beat the combo of airports that are popular in London.

“Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport now is literally bursting at its seams and wishes to grow. Even if we’ve got a fourth runway we might take care of a visitors of 100 million individuals. My projection suggests that not only will we have two,000 civil aviation aircraft flying from the skies, the Delhi airport using Jewar airport joined will likely be larger than London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports that manage 140 passengers,” he explained.

“The purpose is to have increasingly more carrying capacity and guarantee that the penetration develops from 7-8 percent to 25 percent. It must occur,” he added.

He said that it was essential to make certain the benefits of civil aviation that the expanding market is generating are appreciated from the national carriers also.

“I think that the fleet growth that’s happening and particularly obtaining of wide bodied aircraft will enhance this situation… I’ve absolutely undoubtedly that amount of airports will probably double and global traffic will rise,” Puri said.

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