Extension of moratorium Can Result in Charge indiscipline, State bankers

The expansion of moratorium by three weeks past May is very likely to expose creditors to the chance of several borrowers with the capacity to pay skipping payments, fear bankers. The transfer can be expected to nudge creditors to expand this leeway to borrowers such as some fund companies who weren’t beneficiaries earlier.

A senior State Bank of India executive stated the moratorium is apt for small and medium enterprises whose money flows are affected badly. But that isn’t true with retail creditors (mostly salaried). Few have lost jobs, however, the amount is less. This section may pose an obstacle to restarting regular payments. Consequently, banks might wind up with greater delinquencies during tough days, ” the executive said.

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A leading executive of public sector bank said some competent borrowers might miss obligations and ask for more relaxations. The accumulated interest during the moratorium period would contribute to lack of payments. “Lenders are living to such trend that might add to pool of bad loans,” he added.

Krishnan Sitaraman, senior manager at CRISIL Ratings, stated the creditor might need to monitor debtor’s behavior pertaining to payment area when the moratorium has been lifted. A six-month of constant non refundable of debt obligations could lead to a portion of charge indiscipline creeping in for particular borrowers.

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