Astronauts Marked the Independent Day in Space on the 4th July

Astronauts hailing from America celebrated the 4th of July at the International Space Station.  Being the Independence Day holiday celebrated on that day by Americans, they chose to do it in style. They had released the video on 2nd July. Some of the attendees were NASA astronauts such as Doug Hurley, Bob Behnken, and Chris Cassidy.

Through the video, Cassidy introduced the tri. He happens to be the commander of the ongoing Expedition 63 mission of the space station. His statement was that despite their schedule, they would take time off to celebrate that special day. America was marking the 244tyh year since the country gained independence.

Hurley took the stage after Cassidy. In his statement, he acknowledged that the world is at the moment living in trying times. However, he said that the country is stronger than ever before. The citizens’ resolute will and spirit have been helping then push forward regardless of the situation. They should also be grateful for the resources as well as the freedom that America offers them.

On the other hand, Behnken was holding the American flag. According to him, the flag had the privilege of being onboard on the very first space shuttle mission that took place in 1981. Equally important, it flew again during the last space shuttle mission, which took place around a decade ago. He went ahead to say that he, together with Hurley, will take it home only to be reflown later. That will be on the Orion spacecraft of NASA meant to take its astronauts to the Artemis program. The reason behind its launch is to offer a platform that will help mount the American’s boots on the moon.

They also showed a lot of patriotism. Nevertheless, Cassidy said that the flag was not just a sign of symbolism. It was also a symbol of America’s spirit that pushes the country to want to explore far and beyond. They also predict that a time will come when upcoming explorers. They urged people to think about the history of America and its place as far as the world is concerned. Last but not least, he said that people should think about the freedom that they get when in this country.

Towards the end of the video, the astronauts waved at their audience and thanked them for giving them their attention. One would see the apatosaurus that was part of what Endeavor took to space known as Tremor. Both Hurley and Behnken were part of the crew during that SpaceX mission called Demo-2. Another notable feature was Earthy. It predeceased Tremor as it flew in the Demo-1, which had no crew.

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